Hvalpsund Net.

Quality since 1934

Since Hvalpsund Net’s start in 1934 we have delivered top quality gear to men of the sea. We are now one of the largest manufacturers and developers of fish farm solutions.


We have since the 1980’s delivered the skillful fish farmers demand and expect: good and durable equipment. We provide total fish farm solutions and subelements for all kinds of aqua cultures.

Our capabilities


Development, construction and supply of sea- and land based aqua culture solutions in excellent quality for fish and shellfish.


Manufacturing, purchasing and procurement of fishing equipment and the development of sports nets, safety nets and specially designed netting solutions.

Mission and vision


“Being considered as our clients preferred supplier.”


”To give our clients the competitive edge by supplying equipment with the highest quality and the newest technology.”

Our history

It all started in 1934 as a small one man company primarily serving the local fishing fleet – which was 40 boats at that time and our small net loft was the main activity.


We built our first fish farm in 1981 and since then the requirements and legislation has been ever changing. We have always kept up to or even surpassed current standards – and today our range of products includes only top quality aqua culture solutions.


Today we supply to professionals all over the world – that demands highest quality equipment at the best price.

Our organisation

Within our crew there is not long from head to tale. So the decision process is short which keeps us a flexible unit.


Within our team – we have combined experience that surpasses 100 years. Our skilled has personnel has helped plan and build fish farms for several decades in almost every region of the world.


Our skilled and trained personnel allows us to react quickly and devote the right amount of attention to the task at hand. In other words – we are ready for a challenge.

Hvalpsund Net business areas

With all the knowledge gained in working for so many years outfitting fishing vessels – we expanded our business areas to cover fish and shellfish farming, sports and safety nets as well as specially designed netting solutions.